I am wandering lost and alone,
Always heading to the great unknown.

Starving, feigning, not knowing my next meal;
These are the cards life always seems to deal.
Always wanting, always searching; for what I do not know.
Sometimes it seems the world’s as cold and bitter as snow.

Peace. Happiness. What does this mean?
These things come in quantities far too lean.
Children, husband, I have prayed for upon my knees,
But God has seen me unfit to be granted these.

“Maybe there is hope. Maybe I should look afar,”
I always think when I look to the stars.
But the light is lost. I now wander in the dark.
‘Tis this I am now and forever will be a part.

I am forever wandering lost and alone,
Continuously reaching for the great unknown.

I am a traveler. A hitcher. A lone gypsy.
Nightly I always find myself looking to get tipsy.
In a different city moving day by day,
I manipulatively swindle people to pay my way.

Always moving, never daring to stay long.
Please, someone, tell me if this is wrong?
I love my life but despise it at the same time
So I distract myself by thinking of a stupid rhyme.

I better get some sleep for now it is night.
Even the birds are no longer in flight.
In the morning begins yet another tomorrow
Where once again I will try to put aside my sorrow.

I wish I had a companion, somebody to love.
But hell, those things can only come from above.
I have been condemned; cursed to wander lost and alone
Always, always chasing after the great unknown.

Created Gypsy Maylis 2010
Copyrighted Gypsy Maylis 2014
OW Certified Gypsy Maylis 2017


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