Book One

Aldavir. A world of myth and intrigue. It has been a Celtic lore for countless centuries. Some have even rumored that Aldavir is somehow linked with the ancient Avalon in the great land of Albion.

To understand the doorway to Aldavir, one must first know of the history behind it. Aldavir is an otherworldly plane that overlays the island of Hibernia (modernly known as Ireland). The island of Hibernia was at one point inhabited by the nature-worshipping human Celts. At one time in the island’s history, the Celts warred with the primal magic using ‘Otherworld’ elvish creatures that were said to live ‘under the hill’ in fantastical cities, then referred to as the Aos Síde or Daoine Sídhe. Considering a mutual threat of armed invasion by the Norse and Britons, the Otherworld creatures joined forces with the Celts to form a powerful combination of magic, nature worship, and arms.

During this time, certain elves took to laying with their human counterparts, producing offspring. Though some ventured to Aldavir, many of the offspring chose to stay in Hibernia after the wars were over and bred with the humans, thus creating the Druids: humans who contained natural magic and knowledge of nature. Druidic magic comes from two sources: their most powerful spells come from the Aldavirian mastery of primal Arcane magic. The other source originates from Gaia herself, this magic being solely nature based. Thus, Hibernia became the closest to nature and magic of all the Realms, bringing a potent ability to channel forces of magic and unleash its destructive force on their enemies.

However, with each century that passed and as more foreigners arrived, magic and the creatures it came from slowly began to die out or were driven away. Many of those remaining grew resentful and had begun to be driven by greed, using their abilities to gain power and wealth while attempting to take control of both Realms. Among these was Amar’dhel Daed’nor, a dark Elf with an insatiable thirst for blood. With amassed forces, the tyrant succeeded in his quest of conquering the land of Aldavir, murdering its King and gaining the throne.

Fearful that the Celts would come to the aid of those who still stood against him, Amar’dhel ordered for all the existing gateways, aside from two that were placed under constant guard, to be destroyed. Thus, the gateways that had remained opened for centuries were finally sealed, alienating Aldavir from the mortal realm. A small number of the fair folk had passed through before the sealing took place, along with a few other magical creatures and select Druids. Shortly after, both Aldavir and Hibernia fell into chaos and turmoil.

Aldavir eventually became a place of myth and legend to the mortal world, becoming a fantasy bedtime story for children. Unbeknownst to Amar’dhel however, there remained a third, long forgotten gateway to the mortal realm. Its location within Aldavir is known to none aside from the ancient dragons that still remember its existence.


Within Hibernia, the forgotten gateway is in a place that is modernly known as the Hill of Tara, just an hour north of modern Dublin. This is, in fact, the oldest gateway in existence. Its creation can be traced back to the mortal Neolithic time, around 3000 BC. This is the very location in which Irish High Kings of old were crowned and celebrated.

Within this hill is a barely discernable hollowed-out groove that contains what looks to be a large mossy boulder. Should one who possesses even a trace of the ancient primal magic that once ruled the land look closely enough, they will see the faintly glowing etches containing the ancient faerie incantation needed to open the gateway. Translated to English, these words read:

“Take me to a world of legend. A world of magic and mysticism. A world of my choice. A world I belong in. Take me to the land of Aldavir.”

Should the person incanting contain a pure enough soul and is deemed worthy, the boulder will crack down the middle, emitting a brilliant golden light, and allow for them to pass through into Aldavir, where they may simply visit or begin their new life.

Are you worthy enough to pass through the gateway into the great land of Aldavir?

Copyrighted to Gypsy Maylis ©2017


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